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Similarities in all top ranked websites

I have been analyzing Google searches for the last 2 days and tried to figure out the common ingredients in the top ranked websites.I was able to derive few results which I would like to share with all of you,here are my observations:


1. Unique Meta tags : If you notice the websites which are ranked on the top positions of search engines,they all will have unique meta tags for each webpage.This helps them not only to avoid duplicity of meta tags,but also to spread their keywords evenly.Other than the uniqueness of meta tags content,I also noticed that each of their webpage has meta tags which are relevant to the theme of that page and also contains the keywords used for that webpage.


2. Rich Content: In all those sites which ranked at top positions,I noticed rich and fresh content in the form of Articles/News/Information/Services or Products.Most of these top positioned websites have articles section in which the webmasters have actively added useful information frequently.Not only this, but those artiles were also targeted for the keywords for which the sites were ranked high.This means informative sections like articles & news play important role in the better ranking of websites.


3. User friendly navigation: All top ranked websites' navigation was user friendly & SEO friendly as well.All the pages were accessible from every webpage and the flow of navigation was also very nice.Most of these sites had also a link to its sitemap which helps not only user to find the information he is looking for,but also enable search engines' crawlers to find other links of the sites.An expert SEO company can help you to build a nice menu architecture for your website.


4. Fast download speed: Since search engines like Google has started considering download speed as one of their ranking parameter,it has become very important for every website to have fast downloading speed by avoiding usage of heavy codes,flash files,graphics etc. I observed this common feature in all the sites which are ranking high on any given keywords.


5. Inter linking of webpages: Last but not the least, I found most of the top ranked websites had optimum usage of inter linking among various webpages and that too on their target keywords.This might have helped the crawlers to recognise the associated pages for the targeted keywords and enabled them to travel to those pages and index their content as well.


Don't you think if all of us follow the above activities for our websites,we can have huge chances to be found on the top rankings of search engines for our targeted keywords? Well,I do think so!!