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Nine reasons for failure of an online business

Many people think running an online business is an easy game.They think only once and get involved into it.But,very soon they come to know that it was not their cup of tea and at the same time they wonder how other people are successful in running an online business.So dear friends,online business is indeed not an easy game unless it is done by following a systematic approach.


Let us see why most of the online business owners fail to meet their objective and tend to shut their business down.

Conventional thinking

It is very important to understand the difference between an online business and the conventional one.For eg. many website owners publish their lengthy brochure/catalogs for the visitors and expect them to read.But they forget that most of the visitors will not stay on their website and spend time to read it.If you want to be successful in online business, always make sure your website should have necessary but short information.

Lack of Promotion

It has been noticed that many webmasters publish their website and expect business from it.How a website alone can bring business to you without promotion?They forget 2 major things - (1)Their targeted visitors are far from their websites if its not promoted well and (2)Their competitors may be too close to the targeted customers and getting business from them by using effective methods of online promotion.

Again,many people forget about their website's content once it is uploaded and expect to have traffic on their sites.However,as a matter of fact,websites lacking fresh content is always disliked by search engines.So its very important for you to update your website's content frequently.

Lack of Motivation

Business owners should provide customers some kind of motivation to do business with them or at least they should tell them the reason why should they do business with them.Offering discounts and coupons would be a good idea to grab visitors' attraction.


A webmaster must make sure that he is easily reachable to the customers via telephone number,email or contact form on the website, lack of proximity makes customers feel unsecured.

No track on visitors

Due to the lack of keeping an eye on visitors track report,many business owners end up with closing their business down.Online marketing involves lots of activities for promoting business, its very important for business owners to keep track on visitors to determine the right approach and correct method to be continued for promoting their website.

Lack of Approach

Many online businesses fall down because of its incorrect approach to reach their customers.Being in online marketing industry,you should know all effective mediums to reach your potential clients.Hiring an expert online marketing company would be a good idea.

Lack of Plan

Running an online business needs a proper planning although many website owners are in hurry to launch their website.Developing a website is not a tough job but developing it properly is a tough job indeed.

Failure to delegate

It is very well said, right work for right people.Failure of delegating the work to right people often results in downfall of online business.I have seen many website owners trying to work on their sites themselves and doing many hits-and-tries resulting which they don't get desired results and loose their hope to continue.