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Over Optimization can ruin your website

It is well said that little knowledge of anything is very dangerous and same is the case with SEO too.The websmasters who start running SEO programs for their websites with a little knowledge of SEO just end up ruining their websites.In persuit of doing all the SEO tricks on their websites, they do over optimization which makes all their efforts worthless.

Here are few examples of over optimization done by novice webmasters:

1) Pages have identical titles and headings - If the internal links to a page has same anchor text as of the page title,it is considered as over optimization.


2) Lots of internal links on the site - It is always a great idea to link few pages of websites from links at various pages, but excess of this activity is very dangerous.Some webmasters make mistakes by links almost all the pages of the website from different links.It is always advisable to have very few important pages of the website to be used as main pages and to be linked from anchor texts on other pages.


3) Lack of user friendly information - This is often found in the case of new webmasters who have recently learnt the value of keywords and try to stuff those keywords in their texts which becomes user unfriendly and seems to be written for crawlers.As a result user leaves the website in few minutes as they are not able to find the right information they were looking for.


It is always advisable for novice webmasters that they should hire an affordable SEO company providing reliable SEO services.