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In search of ethical SEO companies India

The competition among online marketing companies in India has become so tough these days that the webmasters get confused and take wrong decisions sometimes.They generally end up with hiring an SEO company which is not able to provide the accurate SEO activities done for their websites and therefore fail to achieve profitable results for them.This hard experience leaves such a bad impression about an SEO company on their mind that they are not willing to work with any of the SEO companies in future.

Now the question arise “Is there any ethical SEO company in India on which people can rely ?” Fortunately the answer is “Yes, there are still few SEO companies in India that work on ethical parameters and really fulfill what they had promised to their clients.”

In this article, I have tried to lay down some activities which are generally performed by ethical SEO companies in India. In other words, there are few check-points through which you can evaluate the reliability of an SEO company.

Operation WEBSITE

Please bear in mind that Search Engine Optimization always starts with the website itself.If the SEO company you have hired, is not able to evaluate your website and make it SEO friendly, no matter what all SEO activities they do , it would still be next to impossible that you will be on the top positions of search engines.The SEO company you have hired must be able to find out the issues like duplicate content, duplicate URL, invalid HTML codes, improper navigation,website download time etc.


An ethical SEO company should always be able to show you a correct picture of selected keywords.As a layman webmaster, you may not be able to evaluate the profitable keywords for your business. For eg. If you have asked your SEO company to rank you on top the keywords like “blah blah service in blah blah street” , are you really sure that these keywords can bring good amount of traffic and you can have desired revenue from them?

So, my concern here is that the SEO company which you have hired for your website should be able to analyze the keyword profitability and suggest you the best keywords accordingly.Here, I must add that if the keywords are not chosen correctly, it s likely that you may not get good revenue even after reaching #1 position of search engines.

Is the TARGET dartboard visible?

Just like a dartboard visibility is important for any shooter to analyze the correct shots, it is very important for an SEO company to analyze the effects & positions of all SEO activities they do.Having said this, I mean to say that an ethical SEO company should always be able to show you the changing graph every month so that you are aware of your website’s moves and you can be assured that all the efforts are going in right direction.I have heard from many of my clients that they engaged SEO companies that promised top positions in 6 months and after 4-5 months, they were not able to produce any results , the only thing they produced was a blame list for search engines.Sounds familiar , no?

Sharpen the Tools (KNOWLEDGE)

Due to ever changing algorithms of search engines, it is very important for SEO companies that they train their resources from time to time. Not only this, but they should also take initiative to educate their clients about the new search engine updates.During my SEO practice, I have seen many SEO companies that keep doing same old stuff for years that bring little rank gain for their clients and they have at least something to show them in order to grab money.But an ethical SEO company believes that they should be able to help their clients in achieving top positions and this is possible only if there is dynamism in their SEO activities.

Wait to achieve recognition (TOP RANKINGS)

So, if you’ve found an SEO company which is able to perform all the steps mentioned above, you can relax and put more time in making your marketing strategies because in few months you will be going to get recognition among search engines and lots of quality traffic to your website. At that time, you will not be able to get time for making strategies; after all you will have to complete your new orders and sale. Enjoy!