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A new online search player to come : Apple2010-05-06

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It is a fact that Apple has been the master of technology over the years with its products. Another way this saying could be that "Apple is a master of its trade";
Need evidence? The success of its products such as iPhone, iPod and now iPad - all these products are evidences of huge success of Apple.

Now Apple will achieve similar success in another area too, guess what? None other than online search!! Yes,Apple is going to be in the list of online search giants.

Although it cannot be analyzed now that they will enjoy the same success as they did with their hi-tech products, however there are few factors that can make it possible for Apple to gain success.

The first reason for a possible successful venture of online search by Apple is its past successful records. The high quality products like iPhone and iPad were responsible for boosting sales of Apple's Macbook. Apart from the fact that this product is not cheap, the sales for it had grown much, ofcourse we can assume that Apple brand was the factor for it.

Second reason for Apple to move into online search industry is the competition, specifically with Google.Google has expanded themselves into the smart phones industry with the launch of their Android devices which has become competition for iPhone of Apple. Moreover Google and Apple have gone back and forth by hiring important employees from one another ,so this is another ground for this competition to become personal.

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