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5 Tips To Design & Develop User-Friendly Shopping Carts

Developing a shopping cart is no more a big deal these days. 

You can easily hire an affordable web developer from India and get your e-commerce website setup in few days. 

But, in order to get more sales & business from any e-commerce website, it does require few additional ingredients. 

5 Tips To Design & Develop User-Friendly Shopping Carts

Today, we are going to share those essential ingredients that must be incorporated in your shopping cart website in order to yield more sales. 

Let’s start.

#1 Checkout Page: Keep It Simple

A checkout page is the most important page of any shopping cart website. If we say that a checkout page is the backbone of any e-commerce website, it won’t be wrong. 

It has been observed by several online researchers, that having a simple & intuitive checkout page can help e-commerce businesses get more sales from their websites. 

So, if you too have a shopping cart website or intend to build one, you must ensure that your checkout page is as simple as possible. If its not, ask your web developer to do it before you further spend any advertising or marketing dollars on your business.

#2 Checkout & Add To Cart Buttons

Another tip to build a shopping cart website that’s intuitive & user-friendly, is to make all of the important buttons like “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” stand out. The users must be able to see these buttons clearly so that they can take necessary steps. 

You may have noticed on many e-commerce websites where they don’t even use “Add to Cart” button with each product. Instead, they use “Buy Now”. Don’t make this mistake on your website as this small mistake can cost you thousands. 

By showing “Buy Now” buttons instead of “Add to Cart”, you are simply forcing your potential customers to buy & pay for individual products only. As a result, your average order value (per cart) will be reduced.

#3 Add Continue Shopping Button

Placing a “Continue Shopping” button on checkout page may help you grab more sales from the same number of customers.

In other words, a “Continue Shopping” button can help you to increase the cart value per customer.

If its not included in your e-commerce website, ask your web developer to do it now. Its worth implementing.

#4 Don’t Ask Too Much Of Information

Asking too much of information from the customers is #1 reason of high order abandonment rate.

Some of the customers may not be willing to share their confidential details with you, especially it these details have nothing to do with the product.

For instance, if you sell toys online, it may be worth to ask the birth dates of children when their parents checkout. But if you start asking about personal details of the parents, they may be reluctant to share this information as it has nothing to do with their kids’ toys. 

As a result, they may quit the website (leaving their order abandoned) and start looking out for another option to buy their products.

#5 Provide Support

Lack of support is also one of the major causes of low sales. 

When you run any online business, just remember that you are not meeting your potential buyers or customers face-to-face. 

Its just your website that they see and trust. And based on this trust, they place their orders. 

So, having all the possible options for them to contact you through your website will be helpful in gaining their trust and getting their orders too. 

Some of the best ways to provide best customer support to your customers through your shopping cart website: 

  • Live chat 
  • Hotline number 
  • FAQ 

Making yourself approachable or resolving your customers’ queries promptly will definitely help you get more sales from your shopping cart website.


Implementing & trying above mentioned tips won’t cost you much but the results you can get from these tips can really astonish you. 

So, its definitely worth trying these tips on your shopping cart website.

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