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5 Tips to save money on your ecommerce website development

If you are one of those startups who want to save their money on ecommerce website development, this blog post is for you. Following below tips, you will be able to bring down the ecommerce website development cost under $1000.

In this blog, we will be sharing 5 tips which you can follow & save up to 50% on your ecommerce web development.

Don’t be skeptical because you will still get a robust website with all the loaded features that are required to run a successful ecommerce business.

Let’s start.

Tip #1: Choose WordPress

5 Tips to save money on your ecommerce website development

WordPress is no more considered as a ‘Just Blogging Platform‘.

With the help of several ecommerce plugins available in Wordpress repository, one can have a fully loaded online store.

Not only plugins, but there are also hundreds of nice ecommerce themes which can be downloaded at low or no cost and can be integrated with a WordPress based ecommerce website.

Why WordPress?

a. WordPress is a free open source

b. WordPress can be customized

c. WordPress developers are affordable

d. WordPress is #1 CMS that’s being used worldwide

e. WordPress is SEO-friendly

f. Most of the WordPress ecommerce themes & plugins are free to use

Tip #2: Hire Indian Web Developers

5 Tips to save money on your ecommerce website development

Another great way to save huge money on ecommerce website development is to hire Indian web developers. While you can end up paying thousands of dollars for development and customization of your ecommerce website when you hire local web developer, you can get the same job done at much lower costs if you hire web developers from India.

Most of the web development companies in India charge as low as $12/hour when you hire their web developers on hourly basis.

You can easily hire web developer from India and get your ecommerce website developed for as low as $1000 only.

There are some more ways an Indian web development company can be cost-effective for you:

a. Most of the Indian web developers are equipped with web design skills too. So you can save a huge some money on web designing too.

b. There are lots of web developers in India who are proficient in search engine optimization too. This simply means that by hiring Indian web developers, you may get a robust & SEO-friendly website too.

Tip #3: Opt for a Nice Template

5 Tips to save money on your ecommerce website development

If you are convinced to Choose WordPress for your ecommerce website development, do yourself another favor.

Instead of going with a custom website design, choose a nice WordPress ready-made template/theme. Yes, there are thousands of ecommerce themes available at much affordable price (as low as $75) that you can use.

You will be easily able to save at least $400 on your website design when you opt for a theme as compared to a custom design.

Tip #4: Choose an Affordable Yet Reliable Web Hosting

5 Tips to save money on your ecommerce website development

Web hosting plays an important role in success of any ecommerce website.

Sounds strange? Well, that’s true.

If you choose a reliable we hosting company, you will be free from worrying about:

a. Downtime of your website

b. Taking regular backups of your website

c. Slow loading speed of your website

d. Malicious codes injections on your website

Here is the list & reviews of some of the reliable web hosting companies.

Tip #5: Learn Yourself

5 Tips to save money on your ecommerce website development

The last but not least tip to save money on ecommerce web development & maintenance is to Learn yourself. Yes, if you decide to get your website developed using WordPress, there is a good news for you.

It is much easier to manage a WordPress ecommerce website as compared to other CMS. All you need is a 1-hour training. After this short training, you will be equipped with sufficient skills that are required to maintain an ecommerce website.

Why you must learn?

As we all know that ecommerce website development is not a one-time job. Once your store is up & running, you may even need to work harder to upload new products and delete obsolete ones.

If you do not learn the website maintenance yourself, you will end up paying huge amount of money because your web developer may charge you each time you ask them to update your website.