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6 Practices For Your E-Commerce Website That Your Can’t Afford To Miss

Running an e-commerce business doesn’t require huge capital, we all know.

Developing a basic e-commerce website also doesn’t require thousands of dollars, we know that as well.

6 Practices For Your E-Commerce Website That Your Can't Afford To Miss

But what most of us don’t know is that getting success in e-commerce business is not really that easy. 

It takes efforts, strategies, right practices and perseverance. 

In this blog post, we will be sharing 6 practices that can’t afford to miss if you want to achieve success in your e-commerce business.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Calls To Action

The call to action, known as the “CTA,” is an appeal to users to perform a certain action on your e-commerce website.

Conversions & revenue of any e-commerce business, depend on the mighty call to action, to a large extent.

Some of the common call to action elements for an e-commerce websites are below:

  • Buy Now
  • Add to Cart
  • Subscription signups
  • Read More
  • Try it Now
  • Online Chat

Here are some tips for creating attractive call to action elements:

  • Use words that provoke emotions
  • Use vibrant colors
  • Try different creatives
  • Try A/B testing of different call to action
  • Use bigger and bold fonts

#2 Cart Design

Did you know that more than 50% of the users abandon their orders on the final checkout page?

Although, its sad to say that more than half of your website visitors may abandon their carts and quit your website without completing their orders, but its a fact.

Having said this, this is not a dead-end. Like any other challenge, you can put some effort to resolve this problem too.

Here are but few known strategies to improve the cart design and reduce the order abandonment rate, to a certain extent:

  • Always show detailed product summary
  • The colors of your buttons & other graphics must be user-friendly
  • Clear thumbnail images
  • Clear CTA (call to action)
  • Accept popular payment methods
  • Display trust seals
  • Provide live chat option
  • Provide option to continue shopping
  • Show clear returns policy
  • Don’t show any surprises, like additional shipping charges etc.

Before you invest any money on your marketing campaigns, do make sure that the cart process on your e-commerce website is equipped with above tools.
You may also hire an e-commerce developer to do this job for you. If you don’t have enough budget, consider hiring Indian web developers who can help you to develop these features at affordable cost.

#3 Robust Search

Does your e-commerce website has a robust search feature?

Having a user-friendly yet robust search feature can definitely help your users to find their desired products and can help you to get more conversions too.

Here are but few major qualities that your search feature have:

  • Use autocomplete for your website search.
  • Place your search bar on a prominent location of your webpages.
  • The size of your search bar and button must be big enough to play around.
  • Show some default text to encourage users to search.
  • Show option within the search bar to choose categories too.

If your e-commerce website don’t have a search feature or you do have a search feature but its missing some of the above mentioned qualities, hire a web developer now to get it fixed. It’s really worth adding to your website.

#4 Search Filtration

Having a search feature on any e-commerce website alone may not be sufficient. Your customers may be more demanding. Therefore, you must also provide your customers with an option to further filter the searched products.

For a great experience for your users, you can make sure that the filtration process on your e-commerce store has below qualities:

  • Provide relevant filters to choose.
  • Let customers select multiple filters.
  • The filters could be toggle-able so that the users can minimize them, if required.
  • Provide manual input option too, for eg. price range.

#5 Social Sharing

Providing an option to share your products will certain give a boost to your overall sales. But that’s not the end. 

There are many reasons of incorporating the social sharing option on your e-commerce website with each product. 

Here are some of those reasons:

  • Social sharing enhances SEO too
  • Your website gets more traffic from social networking
  • Your brand gets viral on social media
  • Economical method of marketing 


#6 Responsive Web Design

More than 50% of the online buyers use their mobile devices to search & purchase their desired products. Having said this, it even becomes more important, rather than being fancy, to have a responsive web design for your e-commerce store. 

Although, in 2019, it seems a bit outdated talking about the importance and benefits of a responsive website design, because fundamentally, each and every website must be responsive by now. 

However, there are still many e-commerce website and other corporate websites that are not responsive. What a shame!

Below are some of the major reasons for having a responsive e-commerce store:

  • Enhances search engine visibility
  • Enhances user-experience
  • Cater to social media users

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