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8 Reasons Your Buyers Are Resistant To Checkout From Your E-commerce Website

Do you have an e-commerce website that has got low conversions? May be your potential buyers are resistant to checkout & buy from your website.

8 Reasons Your Buyers Are Resistant To Checkout From Your E-commerce Website

In this blog post, we have shared 8 possible reasons of buyers’s resistance to checkout on your website.

#1 Slow Loading Speed

This is perhaps the most important reason that the users don’t checkout even after adding the products to their cart.

When they have to wait forever for the checkout page to load or proceed from there, the users prefer to checkout. In other words, slow loading pages can lead to high order abandonment rate on your e-commerce website.

Fortunately, if your web developer has used WordPress to develop your e-commerce website, you can easily resolve this issue in just few steps.

All that you need to do is, install any of the great cache plugins like “W3 Total Cache” and improve the loading speed of your WordPress e-commerce website.

#2 Discount Coupons

If your e-commerce website ask the users to input a discount code, if they have, this can also lead the users to quit.

Let’s accept that we all love discounts. And when we see an option of discount codes on any e-commerce store, we tend to try and find out if we can get any.

This process of finding a valid discount code can take too much of the users’ time and as a result, they may lose focus and quit your website.

#3 Missing Checkout Button

This case is especially applicable on mobile version of an e-commerce website. Or it could also be due to the browsers’ incompatibility.

Many a times, it happens that the checkout button in the cart page is not visible due to the incompatibility of that website with any browser or the mobile phones.

The only way to avoid this issue is to test the website on different devices & browsers and make some test orders. 

If you find any issue, you can engage a web designer to fix it. These minor issues mustn’t be taken lightly as it could affect your conversion rate badly.

#4 Too Many Steps

Often too many steps can also lead the customers to quit the website. Perhaps, lengthy checkout forms are one of the major reasons of high order abandonment rate of any e-commerce website.

Do ensure that your website must ask only necessary information from the users.

Again, if you have been using WordPress to develop your e-commerce website, WooCommerce comes with an option to provide a single page checkout for your customers.

#5 Forms Validation

Sometimes the checkout forms doesn’t validate well. For instance a phone number field is not able to accept more than 8 numbers or 9 numbers. 

This happens when you hire a local web designer who validates the phone number field based on the local telephone number convention however it creates an issue when any overseas customer attempts to buy from your website.

This kind of issue usually arises when sufficient testing hasn’t been done on the forms validation of an e-commerce website.

Before you launch your e-commerce website, do ensure that your web developer has validated all of the forms.

#6 Lack Of SSL

Users these days are very cautious about sharing their confidential information on any websites due to the increasing threats of hacking.

Especially, if an e-commerce website don’t have SSL certificate (padlock sign on the URL bar), the user is reluctant to buy from these website.

Again, if your e-commerce website has been developed using WordPress, you can easily install a plugin and make all of your webpages served on SSL. One of such great WordPress plugins is “Easy HTTPS Redirection”. 

Most of the web design companies use this plugin for their clients.

#7 Lack Of Trust

Users also tend to lose their trust in any e-commerce website that don’t have security seals or icons

Having necessary security seals on the checkout page may encourage users to proceed ahead & pay for their orders. These security seals may include VerySign, McAfee SECURE, PayPal Verified etc.

In some online surveys, as many as 61% of participants said they had decided not to purchase a product because it was missing a trust seal.

So, if you want to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce website, you must include all of the necessary security seals.

#8 No Guest Checkout

Did you know that having a guest checkout option on your e-commerce website can increase your sales by at least 20%?

You can find many e-commerce websites that force you to create account with them before you can buy their products. Needless to mention, this is another major reason of high order abandonment rate on any online store.

The only remedy of this problem is to allow users to checkout without forcing them to signup with the website.

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