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Checklist Of WordPress Ecommerce Websites

WordPress is really a great CMS. Be it a corporate website development or ecommerce web design, WordPress has the ability to handle everything.

If you’ve got your ecommerce website built with WordPress or you are thinking to choose WordPress for your ecommerce website development, that’s really awesome.

But wait!

Do not proceed to launch your WordPress ecommerce website publicly until you have done a thorough QA (testing). After all, it’s about your reputation & investment.

We hear you asking “How can I do a QA without the help of any ecommerce developer or tester?”. But the good news is that you can really do it on your own, if you follow some checklist.

Which checklist?

In this blog post, we’ve shared some check points which your ecommerce website must pass through. Ideally, all the web developers must be trained to do this QA for you but sadly, most of the web development companies don’t pay much attention to QA’ing the websites.

Let’s begin!

There are 3 important areas of any ecommerce website to test thoroughly. Security, SEO & User Experience. We are going to cover them one by one.


Sadly most of the businesses don’t prefer to build their ecommerce websites using WordPress. Why? There are several reasons behind refusing WordPress for ecommerce web development. Some of those reasons are :

1. WordPress is good only for blogging (not true)

2. WordPress is less secured (not true)

3. WordPress



Or may be you want to identify the major loopholes in your ecommerce website that are preventing you to get more sales.

No worries, we will help you.

In this blog post, we are going to share a comprehensive checklist of testing ecommerce websites & finding out the week elements so that you can get them repaired.