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Looking For Pocket-Friendly E-commerce Websites in India?

So have been looking for a web development company in India to build your ecommerce website?

If yes, you must have already received several quotations from different Indian web design companies and chances are that most of them must have quoted you more than $2000, right?

What if we tell you that we can develop a fully-functional ecommerce website at an unbelievable price of $1249?

Looking For Pocket-Friendly E-commerce Websites in India?

Get ecommerce website for just $1249

We get many emails from small business owners worldwide who ask questions like

‘How do I get an ecommerce website at low price?’ ,

‘What are the best ways to get a cheap ecommerce website?’ or

‘I want to start an ecommerce business but have low budget for website development?’.

So we thought to come up with an economical package to develop ecommerce websites because we know that most of the startup or small businesses don’t want to invest a lot of money on their website development.

Our economical package for ecommerce web design costs only $1249 while you still get all the features that are required to run an ecommerce business successfully.

Usual Price: $1800

Offer Price: $1249

What you will get in our ecommerce package?

1. Fully-functional ecommerce system

While you pay only $1249 for your ecommerce website development, you still get all the features such as

  • Ability to manage products and categories
  • Change content and images on the website
  • Let your visitors subscribe for newsletters
  • Manage payment options
  • Manage shipping
  • Manage Discount coupons and lot more

2. PayPal as a payment gateway

You will be able to accept payments through PayPal. You customer will have ability to pay either through their PayPal account or their credit/debit cards.

3. Stunning website design

Not all cheap things are inferior in quality. You will come to know about this fact when you will see the design of your ecommerce website. We choose attractive & intuitive ecommerce designs that help you get more sales.

4. Responsive web design ( compatible for all smart devices)

In the same economical package, you will get an online store that is responsive for all the smart devices. Be it a tablet or phone, you website design will look clean and intuitive.

5. Fast loading web pages

Since we know that the loading speed plays an important role in the success of any ecommerce business, we make sure to pass each website through various tests to get optimized speed.

6. SEO-friendly codes

Providing a cheap ecommerce website doesn’t means that we compromise with the quality. All of our ecommerce websites come with SEO-friendly coding structure that helps your website to rank on higher positions of search engines.

7. Integrated CMS ( abilities to manage and add pages)

Since we use WordPress to build ecommerce websites, it becomes easier for the store owners to manage the website content. Also, after completion of your ecommerce website, we provide you with an instruction manual so that you can take control of your website. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use the website.

All you need is an hour training to maintain your website.


Looking For Pocket-Friendly E-commerce Websites in India?
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How do we provide ecommerce websites at such a low cost?

#1 We use WordPress for ecommerce websites development

By using WordPress, we help you to bring down the development cost of ecommerce websites by almost 50%.

Our ecommerce developers have expertise in WordPress website development. This enables us to provide our clients a fully-functional ecommerce website at low cost.

#2 We use paid website themes

By using WordPress themes for ecommerce website design, we cut down the web design cost by almost 25%. It’s is a great idea, especially for small businesses to use website themes instead of custom web design.

If you are thinking that you will have to accept the pre-defined templates, let us tell you that we also customize the WordPress templates according to the specific requirements of our clients. So when you hire Innomax for your ecommerce web development in India, we assist you in making custom changes on your website too.

#3 We are the reseller of website domain & hosting companies

If you seek quotations from several web hosting companies, you may get the hosting cost as low as $50 per annum and sometimes even more than $400 per annum.

When it comes to web hosting, reliability & performance is more important that costing.

Fortunately, we are the resellers of some of the great web hosting companies worldwide and can help you to suggest an affordable yet reliable web hosting companies.

#4 We have an experience of more than 7 years

When it comes to a website, we know what to do & how to do.

Having a rich experience of more than 10 years, we are very much confident that we can get you a great website at affordable price.

We are not among those new companies who would engage highly paid developers & quote expensive websites to their customers. We understand the effort involved in website development and therefore, we charge accordingly.


If you are a startup or small business and looking for an ecommerce website without making a hole in your pocket, you must hire Indian web developers to build your ecommerce store. Hire Innomax & get all the necessary features that are required to run an ecommerce business.

Usual Price: $1800

Offer Price: $1249