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7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

In today’s time, mobile applications have become an important aspect of the business. Businesses of all sizes are expected to have a functioning mobile application, in order to stay ahead of the curve. By simply having a strong web presence, businesses cannot embrace growth as the trend is rapidly shifting towards mobile. In simpler words, smartphone apps have become an essential marketing tool for businesses to prosper.

The increase in demand of mobile applications can be governed from the fact that 90% of smartphone users spend a substantial chunk of their time on mobile apps. Moreover, a shift in trend has also been observed where average Americans tend to spend more time on smartphones, than television.

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

The surge in mobile phone consumption highlights its importance as an important marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. When a business invests in a mobile application, the engagement with the brand improves drastically. An app encourages repeated visits, allows online transactions, pushes promotions, etc. Today, progressive marketers make use of apps to strengthen relationships with a global clientele, announce promotions to nurture sales and drive engagement. Moreover, when an app is installed on a smartphone, the icon generates recall and recognition for the business.

While the importance of mobile apps have been emphasized by business giants on numerous occasions, many small to medium sized owners consider it to be a major financial dent. The general concerns pertaining to mobile app development for the business are:

  • Due to a variety of operating systems in the market, a business has to build can app for each OS.
  • They are not well- accustomed with technology, having difficulty in discriminating between a static or dynamic app.
  • They are not aware of how to build an app design, with little to no understanding about what technologies to use and what services to opt for.

However, little do they realize that a mobile app is the cornerstone of success in the digital era. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a mobile application:

#1 Ensures Visibility Round The Clock

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

An average American tends to spend more than two hours on a daily basis on his smartphone. While sceptics may argue that this usage is limited to a handful of popular applications, but when an individual opens his smartphones, unlocks it, and scrolls through a plethora of apps, there is a high probability that he may accidently explore your business too.

Since the mind subconsciously recalls all images and texts, having an engaging application can help in improving brand recognition and recall.

#2 A Strong Marketing Tool

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

An app can serve a variety of purposes. For instance, they can offer information, assist in searches, make reservations and transactions, etc. Depending on the nature of the business, the type of app you require can vary.

The primary benefit of a mobile app is that it offers information to your customers. Marketers have been using apps to advertise sales and promotions, since it is quick, easily accessible and on your target audience’s fingertips. Moreover, with push notifications, businesses can directly interact with customer notifying them about updates, insights and promotions.

#3 Strengthens Your Credibility

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

Many businesses are now using apps to gain customer trust and provide value to customers. For instance, earlier a conventional loyalty program mechanism was used, where points were awarded on each purchase. The customer had to wait till the next visit to redeem those points. However, now with digitalization, customers can leverage from the rewards as and when they line.

Moreover, with such enticing promotions, businesses can leverage from more returning customers and a high download rate.

#4 Brand Building With Mobile Apps

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

Small and medium sized businesses require high brand recognition and recall. A mobile app can positively contribute in generating brand awareness. Earlier, brands used to invest in a billboard and other forms of advertising to appeal and entice the audience. This helped them in creating recognition and recall. However, with mobile apps, businesses make a one-time investment that will help them advertise themselves to potential clients for relatively longer period.

Moreover, the more your clients use the application, the higher the probability of them making an investment in your business. The effective frequency and repeated use will help in building your credibility in the industry.

#5 Increased Customer Engagement

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

Irrespective of the nature of your business, all customer need a channel to effectively reach you. If you app has an active customer support feature, clients will find it easier to approach you.

For instance, before the popularity of apps, individuals had to call restaurants to make reservations. However, now they can simply do that with a mere few clicks. Likewise, initially banking was done within office hours. Today, you have access to your bank account round the clock.

#6 Stay Ahead Of The Curve

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

In today’s time, small businesses are still not well accustomed with the idea of a business app. This is your opportunity as a business to capitalize on the market and gain significant edge over your competitors.

#7 Build Your Customer Loyalty With Mobile Apps

7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Must Have Mobile Apps

The last and supposedly the most important reason to build your mobile app is customer loyalty. Today, customers tend to get overwhelmed by multiple marketing tools being used simultaneously. For instance, billboards, website banners, Facebook ads, flyers, etc. have lost their charm over the passage of time. Thereby, personalizing the experience for the client in the form of app and building a long-term sustainable connection is a progressive way to make a difference. While a mobile app may not save your business, it can surely act as a tool to strengthen relationships with your clients.

A mobile app is an effective marketing tool that has helped in bolstering sales for many businesses. In the times to come, it will be inevitable for businesses to sustain without a mobile app. Therefore, businesses should strategically invest in the technology in order to get a competitive edge over their counterparts.