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6 Things to Check With SEO Companies in India

If your business relies on the revenue from your website,then getting targeted traffic on your website must be on your top priority list. And if you already have a list of important sources for growing traffic on your website,search engine optimization must be on the top of this list. SEO is no more a fancy option to invest for the businesses,instead it has become a necessity.

6 Things to Check With SEO Companies in India

Search engine optimization is the best & most effective source of growing targeted traffic on your website and therefore expanding your business too. However if you own a small business and can’t afford to have an in-house SEO team in your own company, then SEO outsourcing could be the best possible solution for you & when it comes to outsourcing, Indian SEO services are still on the top list. But how can you rely on SEO companies in India to build your brand ethically and effectively?

In this blog post, we have outlined 6 qualities you must look for,when outsourcing search engine optimization services to India.

#1 Experience Of Indian SEO Companies

The number one check point to filter best search engine optimization company for your website optimization is to find out how experienced the SEO company is. You can ask the SEO companies to educate you about their experience in SEO industry because search engines like Google has been updating their search engine algorithms to rank the websites on their search engine and it’s very important that your chosen website optimization company must have experienced all of those changes.

#2 Past SEO Works

You must check past portfolio of SEO companies in India before you award your SEO campaign to any one of them. The scrutinizing of past SEO works may also include checking with their existing clients about the quality and effectiveness of their SEO activities. Search engine optimization knowledge alone is not sufficient for any search engine optimization company unless they implement and get proven results from those SEO activities.

#3 In-House Web Design Team

SEO starts from website optimization or in other words,properly implemented on-page SEO activities is half SEO battle won. You must check and make sure that your chosen SEO company must have their own in-house website development team because the first and most crucial step is to optimize the website by implementing techniques like optimized meta tags, optimized URL,  optimized codes, Image tags, optimized website loading speed and so on.

#4 Good Communication & Coordination

For an effective SEO, proper coordination between SEO company and webmasters is very important. All SEO activities must be aligned with the company’s objectives and branding. Therefore,SEO team should always coordinate with the webmasters to understand the company’s values and implement the activities accordingly.

#5 Easy-To-Understand Reports

Most of the SEO companies would present reports in such a horrible way that webmasters have nothing to say about them, but keep quite. Because they don’t really understand most of the jargons that these SEO companies use in their reports. You must ask the SEO experts that you are going to hire, to send sample reports to you before you sign the deal with them and make sure that their reports reflect all important aspects of SEO process in an understandable way.

#6 Talk About Conversions, Not Rankings

You find come across several SEO companies who would always talk about rankings but never focus on conversions however the major objective of SEO is to increase conversions. A webmaster should always be concerned only about the targeted traffic coming to their website & more conversions received from their website. Webmasters would never care if their website rank on top page of search engines for 50 keywords but none of those keywords attract targeted audience. On the contrary,as a webmaster, you will be happy to have couple of keywords to reach on top which can bring targeted traffic and more sales for your business.