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Outsource SEO to India-Yes or No?

There have been always heated discussions on the topic of SEO outsourcing to India.Its believed by most of the global businesses that India SEO companies can handle their SEO projects successfully and cost-effectively however several other businesses think that Indian SEO companies can definitely undertake their SEO campaigns cost-effectively but not successfully.

Outsource SEO to India-Yes or No?

Every coin has two different sides and so is the case with search engine optimization companies too.Having said this,the fact is that not all SEO companies in India are bad but at the same time you must not rely on any SEO company blindly.

Lets take a look over below facts and see the positive sides of outsourcing SEO to Indian companies:

#1 More Resources Per SEO Campaign

The human resource in India is affordable and therefore, most of the Indian SEO companies can easily engage sufficient number of resources for each SEO project. The average strength of an India search engine optimization company is more than 25 employees,so greater level of attention can be given to each website.As a result of focused activities and continuous work on the campaigns,generally these companies are able to achieve desirable SEO goals for their clients.This is the most important reason for global businesses to hire Indian SEO companies.

#2 Web Design Experience

Most of the SEO companies in India have their in-house developers because these companies also provide web design services in India.As we all know,SEO starts from the website itself and proper on-page SEO done for a website is half the battle won.Having in-house web design team enables Indian SEO companies to diagnose and fix the websites’ health for their optimization.

#3 Availability Of Resources

India has a huge wealth of skilled population which is available at affordable price and this is a trump card for all Indian search engine optimization companies because they can increase their SEO team as and when required.So,if you are planning to outsource your search engine optimization campaigns to Indian companies,you shouldn’t worry about the future expansion challenges.

#4 Affordability

Needless to mention,Indian manpower & infrastructure is available at affordable prices and therefore,companies there can offer you affordable SEO packages without any compromise on the quality.According to the various studies,affordability is alone the major reason for global businesses to outsource SEO to India.

#5 Great Support

Several Indian SEO companies are willing to provide 24/7 support because they can manage to engage more employees in 2 different shifts (day and night) just to provide their clients with great support.All this is possible only in India because the human resource cost is affordable and these SEO companies in India are ready to go one extra mile for their global clients.