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3 Major steps involved to build a website in India

Do you need a website but not sure how to go about it and how to hire a web designer

Perhaps you’ve heard that hiring Indian website builders can save you a lot of money on your website development but you don’t know the process of outsourcing your project. 

3 Major steps involved to build a website in India

In this blog post, we’ve shared 3 major steps involved in building a website in India. Right from requesting a quote to the selection of right web developer in India, you will find several tips here. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Requesting for a web design quote

This is perhaps the first step to build your website. Yes, you do need to search for different options available for web designers or web development companies in India. Shortlist a few and request them for a quote.

Below are few tips that you must consider while seeking a web design quote:

  • Introduce yourself, your company and your services.
  • Mention about your idea of building a website. Every person or business needs a website for different reasons. You must define your reason too.
  • Send some reference websites or your competitors’ websites for your web developer to get an idea about your expected results.
  • Define the sitemap that you intend to have on your new website. If you want to revamp your existing website, you must define the additional sections or links that you want for your new website.
  • Provide your contact details and specify the best mode & time to discuss. If you don’t want your web developers to call you, mention that as well.
  • If you’ve a tight budget to build your website, mention about it in order to save time.
  • If you’ve a tight deadline, mention about it too.

#2 Shortlist best web developer in India

Once you send your requirements to a few Indian web design companies or web developers, you may get a lot of proposals and quotations. How to choose the best one?

Here are but some of the important qualities that you must look out for hiring a web developer in India:

  • Technical: The first and foremost pre-requisite of any web developer is their technical skills.
    – Which platform(s) they work on?
    – Which technology they use?
    – How those technologies and platforms can serve you better than other options?

Find out the answers to the above questions before shortlisting a web developer. 

  • Turnaround time: Having great skillsets is not a sufficient reason to hire a web developer in India. You must check out their response time too. How quickly they respond to your queries?

  • Communication skills: Is your shortlisted Indian web developer able to communicate with you effectively? If not, do not make a mistake of hiring them just because of their affordable quotes. Having good communication skills is more important than low cost of website development.

  • Portfolio: Before you shortlist a website builder, you must check their past works. If the quality of their previous works match your expectations, only then you must consider hiring them.

  • Customer testimonials: What others say about your shortlisted website developer? About the quality of their works and post-development support. You do need to know these qualities of your web developer before hiring them.

  • Experience: How much experience does your web developer have? When it comes to website development, experience matters a lot. If your web developer has an experience of more than 5 years, he can handle any kind of challenges that may occur during your website development.

  • Cost: Getting an affordable website is the primary reason to hire Indian website builders and therefore, you must still prefer a developer who has got more than 5 years of experience, have required skillsets and have quoted you a reasonable price. 

#3 Final step

After you shortlist the best web developer, the next step is to get started and finish your website development. 

Below are the steps that you may follow to complete your website development:

  • Set up a call: After you shortlist your web developer, you must conduct a call in order to discuss your project in details and setup different milestones.
  • Agree upon payment terms: During the call with your web developer, you can also discuss about and agree on a payment structure that’s acceptable to both the parties.
  • Create milestones: Split your project in different milestones and assign a deadline to each milestone. For example, you may define your milestones as below:
    – Designing
    – Prototyping
    – HTML
    – Development
    – Testing
    – Iterations
    – Final testing
    – Deployment
  • Pay the deposit: After both the parties (you and your web developer) have agreed on the milestones and payment structure, now it’s the time for you to pay the deposit amount to get started.
  • Website review:After your website builder has finished the development, you can start testing your website and provide your developer with the feedback. 
  • Going live: After satisfactory testing & reviewing of your website is done, you can ask your web developer to make your website live.

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