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4 Ways In Which A WordPress Developer Can Help In SEO

The core objective to build most of the websites is to get traffic on it. The relevant traffic that can be converted into paid customers.

Especially, in case of e-commerce website development, you definitely need traffic who are interested in buying your products.

When it comes to getting traffic on any website, SEO stays ahead among other options.

4 Ways In Which A WordPress Developer Can Help In SEO

Here are but few major reasons to choose SEO for your website marketing:

  • SEO traffic has higher conversion rate.
  • SEO is affordable as compared to other marketing mediums.
  • SEO helps a business to build credibility.

Now since we know the importance of SEO for any website, let’s see how can a WordPress developer help you to rank your website on higher positions of search engines.

#1 SEO-Friendly Theme

For any WordPress website, its theme matters a lot. Therefore, before choosing any theme for your website development, you must consider several factors like its responsiveness, loading speed, code structure etc.

If you already have a WordPress website that’s not gaining any higher positions on search engines even after performing all the required SEO activities, then you may consider switching over your theme

In other words, your theme can either break or make your WordPress website. 

Here comes the role of your WordPress developer. 

Your website developer can help you to:

  • Choose a theme that’s SEO-friendly.
  • Fix your existing theme to make it SEO-friendly.

#2 Ensuring Responsiveness

A responsive website is good not only for its users but for search engines too. 

Search engines like Google have official mentioned that the websites that have responsive design will be considered for higher rankings over the websites that are non-responsive. 

So, if your existing WordPress website is not responsive, your web developer can help you to fix it.

How to check the responsiveness of a website?

There are several free online tools that are available to check the responsiveness of a website. For example, this tool from Google https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

If you find (through the tool mentioned above) that your website is not responsive, you can hire a WordPress developer to fix this problem for you.


#3 Installing SEO Plugins

Your WordPress developer can also help in your website’s SEO by installing & configuring few helpful yet free SEO plugins. 

Some of the great SEO plugins are mentioned below:

  • Yoast SEO: Helps in creating XML sitemap, robots.txt file, defining meta tags, writing SEO-friendly contents and lot more. 
  • WP Rocket: This plugin is helpful for optimizing the loading speed of any website. 
  • SEO Smart Links: Helps linking webpages, internally.
So, next time when you hire any WordPress developer, do request to include above mentioned plugins to make your website search-able. 

#4 Loading Spead

The loading speed of any website has become one of the crucial factors to rank it on the noticeable positions of search engines. 

In other words, if your WordPress website loads slower than 6-7 seconds, you must look into this issue because it could affect your SEO rankings badly.

Here are some of the ways in which a WordPress developer can help you to optimize your website’s loading speed:

  • Looking into the website codes.
  • Optimizing the images
  • Remove the flash elements, if any. 
  • Fixing JQuery & JavaScript codes.

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