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5 Myths About Website Designers In India

When it comes to outsourcing website design projects, Indian companies and professionals stay ahead.

Not just because of the affordable website design, but also because of the quality work.

5 Myths About Website Designers In India

However there are still few myths about Indian website designers and in this blog post, we are going to share 5 such myths & debunk them as well, with some explanations.

#1 Indian Website Designers Lack Communication

This is among the most common myths about website designers in India

Usually, most of the overseas clients have misconception that it’s difficult to communicate with Indian website designers, either because of the distance or quality of communication.

This is not true at all.

We would like to mention here that most of the Indian website designers use latest communication tools, be it Skype or WhatsApp, and they also possess good communication skills.

It’s just that you need to ensure before hiring a website designer in India, whether he or she possesses the required communication skills or not.

#2 Indian Website Designers Lack Support

Talking about support, you will definitely find many Indian web designers who can provide you with prompt support, despite the fact that they are sitting thousands of miles alway.

For instance, we at Innomax, always ensure to respond to our customers within 4-6 hours. And when there is any emergency, we make sure to coordinate with our clients almost instantly.

So, if support is the major concern that’s stopping you to hire Indian website designers, forget about it. 

If you do a proper research about your shortlisted website designer and check their clients’ testimonials, you will definitely find a website designer who can provide you with great support.

#3 Timezone Is The Issue With Indian Web Designers

Of course, your timezone may be different from your website designer in India. But that shouldn’t be an issue. 

In India, most of the website designers work according to the timezone of their clients.

To be sure, you may ask them before hiring, whether they can provide you support during their timezones or not. 

Again, if we talk about our company, we do work according to the timezone of our clients. Be it USA, UK, Germany or any country in Asia, our clients always find us reachable.

#4 Indian Web Designers Lack Design Quality

There is another myth among overseas customers that Indian web designers can’t match the quality of visuals & designs that their local website designers can do. Well, its not true in all of the cases.

You can find some of the website designers in India who can create even better designs than your local designers. 

All you need to do is, check their portfolio and analyse the quality of their past works. If you don’t think that they can match your expected quality, hop to another web designer however if you believe their quality is close to your expectations, you can consider hiring them.

#5 Indian Website Designers Are Not Reliable

Finally, many people think that Indian website designers are not reliable and they can’t be trusted at all.

Here, we would like to state that just because of handful of website designers, you can’t make a solid judgement about the whole community. 

There are many website design companies in India (like Innomax) that are operational & working successfully, for more than a decade. This is alone, a sufficient proof, that not all companies or designers are unreliable.

To ensure that you don’t burn your fingers and money, you need to take care of few things. 

Hire a web designer who has:

  • Enough experience in website design and development
  • Enough portfolio to show you
  • Enough testimonials from their past clients to show you

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