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8 Questions to ask your Indian web developers before you hire them in 2020

So you need a website and looking for affordable web developers in India who can help you to build a professional website at lower cost. Great!

8 Questions to ask your Indian web developers before you hire them in 2020

Indeed, hiring Indian web developers can reduce the cost of website development by more than 40% as compared to hiring your local designers. But before you start contacting the Indian developers, you must have a list of questions to ask them so that you can shortlist & hire a suitable candidate.

In this blog post, we are sharing 8 questions that you must ask your Indian web developers before you hire them to create your website. 

#1 Can you show me your recent works?

The best way to start communicating with any Indian website builder is to ask about their recent works.

By having a look at some of their recent websites, you will be able to analyse the quality of their work.

Remember here, if the developer is too hesitant to show his recent works to you or don’t have much to share with you, there could be high chances that he is not experienced enough. 

#2 Which web platforms/CMS you work on?

After having a satisfactory look at their recent works, you can ask them about the technologies or web platforms that they work on.

Most of the Indian website developers are proficient is build websites using:

If you already have some preferences to choose a specific platform, do make sure that your shortlisted developer is able to work on it. 

#3 How much time you will take?

If you want to build & launch your website soon, you must ensure that your developer is able to meet your expected timeline. Therefore, you must ask him or her about the timeline to complete your website development. 

Usually a simple corporate website takes about 2-3 weeks to finish while a basic e-commerce website development make take more than a month. 

#4 Will I be able to edit the website?

With the evolution & advancement of various CMS platforms like WordPress, it has become much easier for even a layman to manage their websites. 

Again, most of the Indian website builders use WordPress CMS to build a website which makes it much easier for the website owners to edit the contents & images of their websites themselves. 

When you have the ability to edit the website contents yourself, you don’t need any web designer to make the changes. 

#5 How much do you charge?

This is perhaps one of the most important questions that you must ask your shortlisted web developer in India. But the cost alone shouldn’t be the only criteria to hire website developer. 

You must hire only those developers who can build professional websites within your budget & timeframe. 

At Innomax, we charge only $549 to build simple corporate websites and $949 to build a basic e-commerce website. 

#6 Can your clients recommend you?

This is another important question that you must ask your Indian website builder before outsourcing your web design project. 

If your developer can provide you with a list of his existing clients who can recommend him, it means that your website builder is trustworthy and you can hire him. 

And if your shortlisted developer is not able to share any client’s details with you, it’s a big question mark on his credibility. 

#7 What kind of support do you offer?

After completing & launching your website, you may experience some bugs or issues on your site. You do need the assistance of your web developer to fix them. 

Therefore, you must ensure that your developer agrees for a certain warranty period and this warranty must be in writing.

At Innomax, we provide a warranty period of 3 months to all of our clients. 

#8 How you are going to communicate?

Communication is the key to success of any successful website development. Especially when you are planning to hire Indian website builders who may be thousands of miles away from you. 

Most of the Indian website developers offer multiple communication channels such as:

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom
  • Email
  • Phone call  

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