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8 Steps To Find Best & Affordable Indian Website Design Services

It’s a well known fact that hiring website designers in India can reduce your development cost by more than 30%. However, you do need to ensure that you hire only reliable website designers who can really develop a website according to your expectations.

8 Steps To Find Best & Affordable Indian Website Design Services

If this is the first time that you are planning to engage Indian website design services, this blog post may help you to shortlist & award your project to the best website design company or web designer in India. 

Here are 8 steps to find best yet affordable Indian website design services.

#1 Know What You Want

Knowing what you want is perhaps the most important thing to do before you even start searching for a website designer. 

Having a detailed website requirement with you will help you to discuss with your website designer and make him understand about your expectations in a clearer way. This is also helpful to avoid any future disagreements or conflicts. 

But the fact is, that most of the website owners never pay attention to the details and get started immediately with their website designer. As a result, they face a lot of troubles like:

  • Unfinished work
  • Lack of quality
  • Conflicts & disputes
  • Delay in project completion
  • Waste of time & money

#2 Search For Indian Website Designers

After having a complete website design requirement, you may start searching for the available website designers in India. The best way to do this is finding on Google.

You may conduct a search for your website designer on Google by using the keywords like:

Make a list of Indian website designers that you find on the first page of Google search results.

#3 E-mail & Arrange A Call

The next step is to send email to all of your shortlisted Indian website designers and request to arrange a call. 

Why arranging a call with your website designer is so important:

  • You can convey your ideas & requirements.
  • You get to know about their understanding.
  • You can seek their ideas & suggestions.
  • You get to know about their communication skills

#4 Seek Suggestions & Ideas

Let’s get it right here. While writing out your website design requirements, you may miss out some of the essential features or you may have added a feature that’s totally useless for your website. 

What’s the solution then?

While discussing your website development with your shortlisted website designer, you may seek his or her ideas & suggestions. 

Needless to mention, if you find any of their ideas or suggestions worth adding or removing in your website design requirements, don’t shy to do it.  

#5 Ask For A Website Design Quote

After having a call with your shortlisted website designer, you may request him or her to come-up with an itemized proposal or quotation for your website development. 

You must make sure that their web design quote must have below essential points:

  • Website development costing.
  • Website completion timeframe.
  • Technologies that will be used for your website development.
  • Portfolio of your website designer. 
  • Scope of work with all the features.
  • Payment terms

#6 Compare Web Design Quotes

After receiving the web design proposals from various web designers, the next step is to compare them. 

Web development cost must not be the only factor to compare, instead you must also compare below qualities too:

  • Turnaround time.
  • Responsiveness of the web designer of web design company.
  • Past works of your shortlisted website designer.
  • Clients testimonials of your website designer.

#7 Sign A Website Design Contract

Once you have received the website design quote & you are willing to proceed with that website designer, do ensure that you enter into an agreement

No matter, how low the price, do not get started without signing a contract with them.

Here are some but essential clauses of a website design contract:

  • Scope of work 
  • Obligations of the website designer
  • Payment structure
  • Non-disclosure
  • Termination
  • Source codes
  • Restrictions
  • Warranties

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#8 Be In Touch With Your Website Designer

After getting started on your website development in India, you must ensure that your website designer always update you on the progress of your project.

It is imperative for you to keen an eye on the project development progress and feedback as and when required.

At Innomax, we always make sure to inform our clients on the below milestones:

  • Website design completion (mockups or layouts).
  • Website development progress before content upload.
  • Website development progress after content upload.
  • Website status before migrating to the live server.
  • Website status after migrating to the live server. 

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