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9 Reasons for you to choose PHP for your website development

Are you planning to build a new website or redesign your existing site and not sure which scripting language should you choose?

If you are on a budget and want to reduce your website development cost, then you must choose PHP.  With more than 80% of the web services written in PHP, you have several other reasons to choose PHP for your website development. 

9 Reasons for you to choose PHP for your website development

In this blog post, we have shared 9 reasons for you or your website builder to choose PHP. 

Let’s dive in.

#1 PHP is affordable

Most of the website developers, website owners or IT decision makers prefer to use PHP because it’s freely available

Yes, PHP doesn’t require any licensing fees since it’s an open-source language and is distributed under General Public License.

What does that mean?

Using PHP can really slash down the overall cost of your website development. 

But the downside of its affordability is that the entry level of PHP developers & development companies is generally lower, which means reduced quality of work.

Therefore, you must always ensure to hire experience PHP developers team to build a robust & error-free website. 

#2 PHP-based websites are scalable

One of the biggest threats that many website developers and website owners face with their website development is its scalability. 

We all know that website development is not a one-time thing. You may want to scale-up your website to cope up with your business/services expansion. 

With PHP, you don’t need to worry about scalability. 

Even if you switch your web developers team, you won’t find any issues because your new developers can easily understand the coding structure of your existing PHP website. 

PHP comes with excellent documentation that makes it easier for any developer to understand and make modifications. 

#3 PHP web development is faster

Due to the ability of code-reusing, PHP enables your website builders to develop a website in a lesser timeframe as compared to other development platforms.

How code reusing helps?

Reusable PHP components save time & effort in the process of website development. In fact, PHP was optimized for making various web websites& applications quickly.

Again when you save time on your website development, you save your development cost too. 

#4 PHP is flexible

Another great advantage of using PHP is that it’s flexible & versatile. PHP is also considered as a best platform for creating cross-platform web applications. 

PHP supports several databases such as MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL.

PHP codes are compatible with all the major platforms Windows, Unix, and Linux.

PHP websites can be supported by different types of servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape etc.

To sum up, when you choose PHP for building your website, you will not face any kind of compatibility issue as it’s quite flexible.


#5 PHP is ok with almost every server

If your site has been developed using PHP, you won’t find any issues in finding & choosing an appropriate web hosting server/company.

As we have already mentioned above that PHP is compatible with all the major platforms such as Linux, Unix & Windows, almost any hosting server can accommodate & run your website efficiently. 

This simply means that you will have the liberty to choose your preferred hosting company to host your website. You can go with any hosting company that offers affordable plans & best support. You will have no restrictions. 

#6 PHP is good in performance

A website’s loading speed plays a vital role in its success. If your website takes more than 8 seconds to load, your users are going to leave your website quickly and may never return back. 

Here’s a good news for you. PHP ensures quick turnaround because of its data processing patterns and capability to integrate with almost any custom management system. 

PHP was primarily developed to create dynamic webpages and therefore, it’s the most preferred language for development of webpages as compared to other programming languages.

PHP really does a great job when it comes to creating dynamic webpages with maximum efficiency & performance. Perhaps this is the reason that most of the CMS (content management system) like WordPress & Drupal are powered by PHP.


#7 PHP developers are affordable

Because of the huge popularity of PHP, you will find plenty of options for hiring a PHP developer. Because of the stiff competition among PHP developers and quick turnaround of PHP-based websites, you can get a basic e-commerce website using PHP for as low as $1000. 

What are the benefits of affordability of PHP developers?

  • You can build a website at low cost.
  • Revamping your existing PHP website will not be an expensive affair.
  • You can easily hire affordable PHP developers for maintaining or fixing your website. 

If you are on a budget, you can even consider hiring PHP developers in India who can assist you to build your PHP at lowest possible rates.


#8 PHP offers a variety of frameworks

There are several PHP frameworks that your website builder can use to build your website cost-effectively, efficiently and in a lesser timeframe. Some of these frameworks are:

Why using frameworks is a good idea?

A framework ensures that you are developing an application that is structured, maintainable and upgradable.

Frameworks also ensure better performance & speed because they allow developers to save time by re-using generic modules in order to focus on other areas.

#9 PHP supports 3rd party APIs

You may need to integrate any 3rd party application or software with your website through API. 

PHP makes it easier for your website developers to integrate any 3rd party software with your website hassle-free. 

Below are some of the systems/features that you may need:

  • Accounting
  • POS 
  • Inventory
  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping API 

What’s more. There are many free-to-use libraries available in PHP that your web developers can use and customize them according to your needs. Not only this, most of the APIs are developed considering PHP integration which means your PHP website can support most of the APIs. 

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