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9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

Creating an e-commerce website is one thing and running it successfully is another. 

With the evolution and advancement of various e-commerce CMS platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify & Magento, it has become much easier to develop an e-commerce store in few hours or few days. But to sell more products on your website and getting more profits, has always been challenging for all the e-commerce business owners.

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

You do not need to worry if your website developer has used Shopify to create your online store.

Shopify comes with plenty of applications that can be used to grow your online sales.

In this blog post, we will be talking about 9 such great Shopify plugins that you or your web developer can use and make your e-commerce store successful. 

Let’s begin. 

#1 Privy

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

Privy is an app that works very well for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. 

Your e-commerce developer can use Privy to increase your conversion rates on your Shopify website. 

Here are but few benefits of using Privy:

  • Growing your mailing list
  • Bringing a reduction in abandoned carts by using email marketing and onsite displays. 

It is very easy to set up your first campaign. It may take few minutes or hours to roll out these great features. 

#2 AdRoll

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

You will find AdRoll as an amazing app for retargeting your audiences which will help you in boosting your sales & acquiring new customers

Using AdRoll, you will be able to create ads that feature relevant or products that have been previously viewed to encourage customers to buy your products and even turn them into loyal customers.

So, have AdRoll application on your Shopify e-commerce website will help to:

  • Show recommended products through personalization algorithm.
  • Re-market & bring back the users. 


#3 Kit

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

Kit can really become your assistant, helping you to manage Facebook & Instagram ads. 

This chatbot comes to you from Shopify and helps you in setting dynamic ads to boost your sales significantly. 

You do not have to learn the internal workings of Facebook ads as all of this is managed by Kit.

#4 Shoelace

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

Shoelace app can help you by combining insights, human expertise and automation from scores of digital marketing campaigns in delivering the best retargeting for your brands. 

It starts from retargeting journeys which retarget your customers according to their interactions with your brand to one-time campaigns retargeting particular segments.
This app makes use of every user touch point as an opportunity to create long lasting memories that foster long term relationships.

Your e-commerce website developer can easily setup & configure this app. 

#5 Octane AI

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

SMS Marketing and Facebook Messenger can be used very effectively in boosting customer acquisition and retention for e-commerce businesses. 

Octane AI is one of the best apps for Shopify that will increase your overall revenue.

It allows you to answer questions, make product recommendations, recaptures lost carts, and sends out push notifications for announcements to your shoppers.

#6 Smile

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

Smile is another great app that can bring smile to your Shopify website development.

It supports you by providing incentives to your users and rewards the customers for their loyalty. 

This app provides a stage where the customers can share your products, write reviews and do some more things.

With the use of Smile, you can also create a VIP group out of your top customers and reward them with coupons, perks, discounts. etc.

#7 Yotpo

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

Yotpo serves you as a cloud for commerce marketing that can help brands of all scale in collecting, and showcasing reviews, picture, and Q&A through the journey of the buyer to create trust, increase conversion and drive traffic.

Not only does it allow your users to leave reviews for your products and boosting social proof, it also lets users share their reviews on other social platforms.

#8 Gorgias

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

Gorgias helps you by acting as your help-desk (customer support or help center) for your Shopify e-commerce store

This app helps the customer service team in managing all aspects of your support and customer service in one place.

Stores set up using Shopify make use of Gorgias in reducing first response time for a ticker and increasing the efficiency of the customer support team.

#9 Back To Stock

9 Shopify Apps to Grow Your E-commerce Website Sales

The Back in Stock app really comes in handy when you do not want to lose sales when you run out of inventory. 

This app is automated and very easy to set up. 

It includes some more features that are found useful by the users. Automated emails are sent out to customers when a product they have been waiting for is restocked.
Back in Stock can also be easily integrated with other apps, including CampaignMonitor, ConstanctContact and MailChimp.


Setting up an e-commerce website using Shopify can be easier however getting desired results out of it does require some extra ingredients. 

By installing some of the great & effective apps like above, you can really increase your conversion rate

Don’t have budget to hire a developer for all these fixes? 

Don’t worry. You can consider hiring a website designer in India

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