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Are you looking for a web developer in India?

Looking for a web developer in India?

Do you know how much does it cost to hire a web developer in India? We, at Innomax charge $549 for a corporate website & $949 for an e-commerce website development.

Do you want to hire a website developer at affordable cost?  

Are you looking to outsource your web design projects? 

If yes, then hiring Indian web developers is the right choice for you.

Cost To Hire Full Time Web Developers in India

$549 Onwards Corporate Website

$949 Onwards E-Commerce Website

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Why Indian Web Developers?

Web developers in India are not only affordable, but they are also good in communication, support & quality.

In other words, if you hire a web development team in India, they can work for you as your own employee with the only difference that they will not work from your premises and instead they will work virtually for you.

If you hire a local in-house web developer for your projects, it could easily cost you more than $3000 per month but engaging a full-time web developer from India would cost you less than $1500 per month. So by choosing an Indian web developer, you save more than 50% every month.

In this blog, we are going to share different types of web developers you can hire from India and what kind of work you can expect from them.

Let’s start.

#1 WordPress Web Developers Cost in India (Starts $1200/mo.)

Looking for Indian WordPress developers

You can easily find a full-time WordPress web developer in India for as low as $1200 per month.

What you can expect from your Indian WordPress developer:

a. Designing & development of corporate website or ecommerce websites using WordPress.
b. Designing or customization of WordPress themes.
c. Development or customization of WordPress plugins. 

#2 PHP Web Developers Cost in India (Starts $1500/mo.)

Hiring a local web developer who is proficient in PHP frameworks like Code Ignitor & Laravel can cost you more than $4000 per month but when you hire a full time web developer, it can cost you only $1500 per month.

It simply means that you can easily save more than 60% of money every month when you hire Indian web developers to work on PHP framework.

You can also find best ecommerce web developers in India who can developer online stores for you using PHP frameworks.

#3 Web Designers Cost in India (Starts $1000/mo.)

If you need a web designer who can design website layouts, graphics and advertising banners, you can easily find one in India at affordable price.

You can hire full time web designers in India at $1000 per month only.

Again hiring a local web designer may cost you more than $2000 but if you engage a designer in India, you can save more than 50% of your total cost that you would spend when you hire a local designer.

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Benefits of Hiring Web Developers & Web Designers From India

#1 Affordable

Hiring a web developers team in India can save you more than 50% of the total cost as compared to hiring a local staff.

Hiring a PHP developer who could work on the platforms and open sources like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, PHP, Code Ignitor, Laravel and OpenCart can cost you as low as $1200 per month only.

#2 Communication Skills

If you compare Indian web developers with any other asian countries where you can find affordable staff, you will find the communication skills of Indian manpower quite better.

They can easily understand your requirements completely and deliver the work as per your expectations.

#3 No Long Term Contracts

When you outsource your web design projects to Indian web developers team, you don’t need to sign any long term contracts. As long as you are happy with their performances and quality, you can continue hiring them. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of their work, you can break the contract the stop working.

Other than this,  you don’t need to pay any PF or CPF when you hire full time web developers in India.

#4 Latest Technologies

Indian web developers are known for early adaptation of new technologies. 

You don’t need to worry about the version of web development technologies when you hire Indian web developers. 

They would make sure that you always get latest version of technology for your product/application.

#5 SEO Benefits

Of course, this benefit of hiring Indian web developers sounds a bit strange but its true. Since most of the web development companies in India provide SEO services, all of their web developers are proficient with SEO norms.

So, by hiring full time web developers from India, you get SEO benefits for your website too.

#6 Project Management

When you hire an Indian web developer, you also get the benefit of professional project management. 

Most of the web development companies in India use latest project management tools which helps you to get quality deliverables on time. 


Usual code of conduct when you work with Indian web developers

#1 Project Understanding

Firstly, when you hire Indian web developers, they would spend time with you to understand your project(s) requirements so that they can deliver as per your expectations.


#2 Coordination

When the web developers start working on your project, they would update you on the progress periodically. They may deploy the work on their test servers and share the link with you to see the progress.

Your full time web developers would always make sure to coordinate with you regularly and update you on the progress. 

#3 Project Review & Testing

After the website development is completed, your full time developer will review the whole project and compare it with the specifications provided by you.

In other words, the developer would test the whole website and make sure that it has been developed as per the required scope of work. 

#4 Support

After the website development is done and the website is deployed to the live server, the role of a web developer doesn’t end. Indian web developers are known well for their continuous support.

In other words, if you face any issues in your website later, you can contact your web developer who will always help you to fix up the problems and keep your website fully functional.