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Wondering About The Web Design Cost In India?

When it comes to web outsourcing, Indian web development companies are considered to be the preferred choice for all the businesses worldwide.

But the questions that arise before hiring any Indian web development company are ‘what is the cost of website development in India?’ or ‘How much Indian web developers charge for creating a website?’ or “Is web development India an affordable option for creating websites?”.

We will dive into these questions & share as much as information as we can, about the website design costing in India.

 How much is the website development cost in India?

Well, the cost to design a website totally depends on the requirements.

Before seeking for a website design quote from any web development company or a web developer, you must first know what kind of website you are looking for and what should be its approximate cost.

Some of the CMS websites may cost you as low as $549 and some may cost above $2000. If we talk about e-commerce website development in India, it could cost you as low as $999 or sometime even above $4000. Read more about e-commerce website cost in India here. 

In order to determine the cost to create a website in India, you have to think about your requirements first.

Usual Price For E-commerce Web Design: $1249

Our Offer Price: $949

How much is the website development cost in India?

Usual Price For A Company Website: $900

Our Offer Price: $549

Determinants Of Website Design Cost

In this blog post, we will talk about different types of websites along with their features & costing.

Let’s start!

#1 Do You Need A CMS Website?

CMS  (Content Management System) websites enable you to change the information on your website yourself, without having any technical knowledge.

All you need to do is, just login the admin panel and manage the content, images, pages and sections from there.

If you need a CMS website for your business, you can easily get it from $549 onward. Depending upon the scope of scope, the quote may increase accordingly.

On the other hand, static websites doesn’t enable you to manage the information. Each time you need changes on your website, you will need to contact your website designer and pay them for each update.

Having a static website may cost you lesser than having a CMS website but in long run, it costs you more than a CMS website.

#2 Do You Need A Custom Web Design Or A Template?

When it comes to the design of a website, there are two options for you to choose:

a. Template design: Where you are required to choose among ready-made designs.

It means your website will not have a unique design.

Going for a template design is economical, therefore many small businesses or startups prefer to go with this option.

b. Custom website design: As the name suggests, you get a custom design for your website.

If you have a budget and you want your website to have a unique design, you can ask your designer to create a custom design exclusively for your business.

Choosing a custom website design may cost you another $100-$150 depending upon the complexity of the design.

In other words, if you want a CMS website with custom website design, you easily get it for $650 if you hire a web development company in India.

#3 Do You Need A Responsive Web Design?

Well, there was no need for us to mention responsive web design as one of the factors for determining the web development cost as it has become a necessity now, rather than a choice.

But there are still many website design companies in India or freelance website designers who don’t provide their customers with a responsive website.

Don’t lookout for such cheap website developers who don’t even provide responsive design. There is no point to save money on the cost of your website’s success.

Just ask yourself ‘Do your targeted customers use their mobile phones to search & buy their desired products and services?’. If your answer is ‘yes’, then do make sure that your website is responsive.

Again, a CMS website with responsive website design theme can cost you as low as $549.


#4 Do You Need A Payment Gateway?

If you want a website that should enable you to accept payments online, then its going to cost you a bit higher.

The web developers would be required to put more effort in order to integrate payment facility on your website. Therefore, the cost goes a bit higher.

Let’s say if you need a simple CMS website but you also want to include a payment gateway like PayPal or WorldPay  so that your customers can pay you online using your website, this kind of website may cost you around $750.


#5 Do You Need An E-commerce Website?

As we have already mentioned above that the cost to develop an e-commerce website may cost you $999 (if you hire an Indian web development company). In this cost, you will get all the basic yet essential e-commerce features that are required to run an online business.

However if you want any specific features like custom pricing or any special payment gateway, then the cost may go higher.

#6 Do You Need Special Integration Such As API?

If you want the web developer to integrate any API with your website, then the overall cost and effort may increase. For eg. If you want to integrate your website with any 3rd part software like accounting or inventory system, then the web development cost may increase by $500 (on an average).

So, if you need a CMS website and integrate it with any software through API, it may may cost you $1200.

In case of e-commerce website, the overall development cost may be increased to $1800 depending upon the complexity involved during the integration process.

#7 Do You Need Users Based Website?

If you need a web portal that enables users to signup, login, create profiles and start searching or be found, the cost to develop such a website in India may go above $4000.

Since these kind of websites take several months to develop, the cost to develop such websites  generally go higher.

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