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Need A Website? Here’s What You Need To Do

Do you need a website for your small business? Here’s what you need to do:

Need A Website? Here's What You Need To Do

#1 Decide Your Web Design Budget

The first and foremost step to go for a website development is to set a budget. By deciding upon a web design budget, you can plan for your other business activities like marketing & advertising accordingly.

The best way to determine your website design budget is to do online research on search engines like Google. 

And if you have a low budget to invest in your web development, you can find & hire Indian web developers who can help you to save your development cost by almost 40%.

If you hire a local web developer to build your website, you may end up paying thousands of dollars, which may not be an ideal situation for a small business or a startup. 

Hiring a website builder in India can cost you as affordable as $600 if you need a corporate website and if you need an e-commerce website, it will cost you as low as $1000 only.

#2 Decide Your Domain Name

Once you have decided upon your web development budget, you can start searching for an ideal domain name for your business. The domain name is the URL on which your website will be made accessible, for eg. www.websitename.com 

It is recommended to book a domain name before your website development is completed because it may become unavailable after some time, if you don’t take any action. This is true especially in case of a generic or keyword-based domain name.

A domain name can cost you as low as $10 per annum. Your web developer can also help you to search and book your domain name.

#3 Hire A Web Developer

This is the most important step in developing a website. Hiring a reliable yet affordable web developer.

For a startup, each and every investment matters. Therefore, hiring a web developer who is affordable and at the same time reliable is crucial for every startup.

To save more than 40% on your web development cost, you can also consider hiring web developers in India. There are plenty of developers and web development companies in India who can not only quote you an affordable price, but can also help you to build a fully-functional website. 

#4 Test, Test, Test

Before you launch your website for the public to view, you must ensure that your website is free from all the possible major bugs & issues

For this purpose, you must put some time to test the website yourself or if required, you can request your friends or family to test as a user. 

As we know “first impression is the last impression”, if the users find any major bugs on your website, they may not consider visiting your website again. Therefore, its better to postpone your website launch rather than making it live without testing.

#5 Website Maintenance

Running a website is not a one-time job; it’s an ongoing process. It needs regular maintenance & enhancement. Therefore, you must also plan for your website maintenance. 

If you are thinking that website maintenance can be managed by only big companies who can afford to hire full time web developers and designers, here’s a good news for you!

You can easily hire Indian web developers to maintain your website at an affordable cost.

Website maintenance is not only for updating a website, but it also helps to regularly check your website for any security threats or technical bugs. Therefore, website maintenance is as important as the website development in the first place. 

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