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Pros & Cons Of A Custom Website Design

Before we dive into the pros & cons of custom website design, let’s understand what exactly is a custom website design and how it is different from a template website design.

Pros & Cons Of A Custom Website Design

A custom website design is a unique design that has been created from the scratch, exclusively for your business. 

A template website design is a readymade or pre-define template that has been or can be used for other websites too.

Now, let’s have a look over advantages & disadvantages of using custom website design to build a website. 

Pros Of Custom Website Design

#1 Unique

Since a custom website design is created just for you, it can be considered as unique. In other words, when you choose custom design, you can be assured that no other business has used it in the past.

If maintaining a unique brand value for your website is your primary concern, then you must go for a custom website design.

#2 Tailor-Made

When you hire a website designer to create a custom website design for you, you can request him or her to design the website in your own unique way. There are no limitations on the design. 

In other words, you can let your creative juices flow when you opt for a custom website design. You can get it created the way you want or imagine. 

In case of a template website design, you may be limited to certain structure or elements that you need to follow according to the pre-defined template. But in case of a custom website design, sky is the limit.site

#3 Different Mobile View

A custom website design allows you to get a different view on desktops and different design for mobiles

In other words, if you need to hide any element of your website on all the mobile phones, you can achieve this using custom website design.

Cons Of Custom Website Design

#1 Time Consuming

Yes, a custom website design takes more time to build

Since your website designer is required to create the design from scratch, it may take few days for him or her to finish the job. 

So, if you are in rush & need to finish your project as soon as possible, you must go for a template website design which takes few hours to integrate.

#2 Expensive

As we have learned that custom website designing takes more time to create, it becomes expensive too. The more time your website designer put on your website, the higher will be the website design cost

So, if you need a website at affordable price, you must go for a template web design. However if you have enough budget and you want to establish your unique web identity, custom website design is for you. 

Need a custom website design but short on budget? No problem! You can hire web designers in India to build a custom website for you.site

#3 Need A Compatibility Check

Custom website design requires extra attention to check for:

  1. Browser compatibility
  2. Mobile compatibility
  3. Loading speed
  4. Code validation
Therefore, if you need a custom website design, you must make sure to hire an experienced website designer. 

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