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5 WordPress Tips Your Website Developer Must Know

Although its true that WordPress is the most efficient & popular CMS to develop a website at low cost, there are few things that your website developer must consider while building a WordPress website.

5 WordPress Tips Your Website Developer Must Know

If you too are planning to build your website using WordPress, here are 5 things that you or your website developer must follow.

#1 Selecting The Best Theme

The websites that are built using WordPress need a theme to render its design.

While there are plenty of free & paid WordPress themes available that your web designer can use, there are few things which must be considered before a theme selection.

Here are but some of the tips to choose a best theme:

  • The theme must have in-built SEO features.
  • Must be secured enough to protect your website from hackers.
  • Must be scale-able.

#2 Choosing Best Plugins

A plugin is a set of files that can be integrated with any WordPress website in order to incorporate new feature. 

There are tons of plugins available for all kind of features that you may need. You name the feature and you will probably get plenty of options to choose a WordPress plugin.

Again, while choosing a WordPress plugin, there are few precautions that you must consider. Here are some of the tips for choosing a plugin:

  • The plugin must be updated and the last update date must not be older than few months.
  • The plugin must have enough positive reviews from its existing users.
  • The plugin developers must be prompt in replying to the queries of plugin users. 

#3 Don't Overload With Too Many Plugins

While plugins are essential for any WordPress website to run efficiently, you must ensure that your website developer must not overload your website with lots of plugins. 

Your WordPress developer must use only those plugins that are essential for your website. Other inactive plugins must be removed from the server. 

The overuse of plugins on any website can result in its slow loading speed or sometimes even worst, it can cause disruption of some of the features. 

#4 Updating Plugins & Themes

Your web designer must ensure that all of the plugins on your WordPress website must be updated regularly. Same should be the case with themes as well.

An outdated theme or plugin on any website can cause issues like slow loading speed of the website and sometimes it can also cause serious issues like malicious codes attack or hacking. 

Here, comes the role of regular website maintenance. Before hiring a website developer or web design agency, you must ensure that they are able to provide you with long-term website maintenance services. 

#5 Ensuring Security

We know that most of you may have a misconception with regards to the security of WordPress CMS. But that’s only the half-truth known.

The fact is that no software or CMS in this world is 100% secure. 

The high number of reported security issues in case of WordPress websites is majorly because of few mistakes that most of the webmasters and web developers make.

Here are but few of the major reasons of security issues in WordPress websites:

  • Lack of website maintenance.
  • Lack of regular upgrade of plugins & themes.
  • Not changing the conventional admin access.
  • Not changing the conventional pattern of databasefiles structure of WordPress setup.
  • Using insecure plugins & themes.  

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure that you engage a website designer to maintain your WordPress website regularly.


If you need a website at low cost, WordPress is definitely an ideal choice for you. But there are few things, as shared above, that you must take care when you build  a website using WordPress. If you will really follow the above tips on a regular basis for your website development, you will be less likely to face any issues with your WordPress website.  

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