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9 Free Gifts That Web Design Companies In India Can Provide

So, you may be wondering what are those 9 gifts that Indian website design companies provide you with. Of course, all of these gifts are related to your web development. But, gift is a gift. Isn’t it?

9 Free Gifts That Web Design Companies In India Can Provide

Do note that not all of the companies can offer you these gifts. Only, and only, some of the reliable & experienced web development companies have the wisdom to do so.

Let’s dive into the details now.

Free Website Development Features

Let’s talk about the features first, that a website design company or a website designer in India can provide you with, as a free gift (because these items do not cost them too).

#1 Web Analytics

Website analytic is a tool that’s useful in 2 major ways:

  • Optimising your website performance by highlighting how users are interacting with your data.
  • Providing insightful data about your visitors which you can further use to your advantage while making important marketing decisions.

Any website developer or web development company in India can easily add this feature in their proposal without charging any additional cost from you.


The reason is very simple.

Firstly, it takes few minutes or hours to incorporate a web analytic tool with any website and secondly most of these web analytic tools are available free of cost to use. For eg .Google Analytics. 

#2 Google Webmasters

Integrating Google Webmasters with your website will ensure that your website is healthy & its running with the utmost efficiency.

Here are but few major benefits of Google Webmasters tool with your website:

  • You get access to important search statistics on Google.
  • You get useful insights regarding incoming links and internal links.
  • You get notifications if your site has any crawl errors (misdirecting) and/or malware (spam, viruses, etc).
  • You get to know about the keywords you are targeting.

Again integrating Google Webmasters tool with any website is just like adding few scripts onto your webpages either through files or your CMS, which takes few minutes or hours only.

So, this feature can be offered to you free of cost, by your website design company. 

And its a fact, that most of the website developers in India, like Innomax, are offering this feature to their clients as a part of their website packages. 

#3 Security

Security of a website is as important as its existence in the first place. It is especially more important in case of an e-commerce website, because it involves a lot of transactions and personal data of their customers. 

If your website designer is using WordPress for your website development, it becomes even more easier for him or her to secure your website by following few tips. 

Here are some of the ways in which your WordPress designer can make your website secure:

  • Changing Database Tables Prefix
  • Prohibition Of File Editing
  • Disabling List Of Directories
  • Protecting Configuration File
  • Using Stronger Database Password
  • Changing Default Username
  • Using SSL For Data Encryption
  • Protecting Admin Directory
  • Logging Out Idle Users
  • Renaming The Login URL
  • Setting Up Lockdown Feature

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#4 Cache

Caching is a technology that increases the speed of your website.

Does cache affects the website process? No.

Cache works without sacrificing anything in the process.

In other words, if used correctly, cache can help to:

  • Load your website faster
  • Decrease the load on your server.

You will be glad to know that a website developer can install & configure cache plugin or module onto your website in few minutes. So, you can insist him or her to include cache feature in the website design proposal too.

Why website speed is important for any website.

  • Everybody likes speed.
  • Website loading speed is critical for conversions.
  • Loading speed of a website determines its user-experience.
  • Loading speed can also affect the SEO score of any website.

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#5 Responsive Design

It’s 2019 and we can’t even think of any website that doesn’t have responsive design. But its sad to notice sometimes, that there are some web development companies or web designers who still charge additional money from their clients to develop a responsive website. 

The responsiveness of any website is as basic as its development. Its not more a fancy thing. Therefore, every website designer must include responsive design as one of the features in their proposal.

Below are 5 major reasons for a web developer to create responsive websites:

  • Better user-experience for mobile audience.
  • Better SEO rankings as search engines like websites that are responsive.
  • Better visuals for all the devices.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Wider coverage

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Free Web Design Services

Did you know that a website designer or a website design company can offer you some of the services, absolutely free! 


Firstly, because these services don’t cost them a lot and secondly they can’t complete your website development without these services. In other words, all of these services are complimentary with your web development.

Again, not all of the website design companies provide these free services to their clients. But, at Innomax, we do offer these service free of cost along with most of our web design packages

#6 Logo Design

For all the new businesses or startups, who don’t have a logo yet, we offer free logo design services. Similarly, there are many Indian website design companies that provide this service, without any charges. 

You may be surprised that so far, you have been charged $50 or $100 for logo design services. That’s ok because perhaps you may not have ask for logo design as a by-product of your website design package. 

So, the next time when you seek a website design quote from any web developer in India, you must insist to include logo design as a free service for you. Believe us, most of these developers or development companies won’t mind to do that for you. 

#7 Web Hosting

Did you know that there are several web development companies in India that provide free website hosting to all of their clients for 1st year? 

Yes, it’s true. We, at Innomax, too provide free website hosting for the 1st year. 

We all know that there’s a growing number of cheap web hosting providers that deliver reliable & efficient services. 

And, in order to get more customers, most of the Indian web developers have started offering free web hosting services. So, next time when you seek web development proposals, do not hesitate to ask for free web hosting. 

#8 SSL

If you own a website or a blog, you definitely need SSL.

An SSL certificate for your website is no longer a fancy thing; it’s a necessity now.

There are many web hosting companies like InterServer that provide free SSL certificate. Therefore, when you demand free website hosting from your web developer, you can ask for a free SSL too. 

Below are 4 benefits of having an SSL certificate for your website:

  • SSL protects your website sensitive data.
  • SSL helps to improve your SEO score.
  • SSL helps you comply with PCI.
  • SSL helps your customers gain trust.

#9 Support & Warranty

Many of our customers’ve had painful experience with their previous web developers because they never provided with full support & warranty. After the website is developed and made live, most of the web designers would take no responsibility whatsoever, and assist to fix for their customers.

It is therefore, very important to have a support contract in place. Of course, your website designer shouldn’t charge for this additional service.

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