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Why Web Design India & 12 Things To Know About Web Development India

Its a well known fact that website design services in India is cheaper. But its not only about the affordable cost that the business worldwide prefer to hire website design companies in India. There are several other reasons too.


Why Web Design India & 12 Things To Know About Web Development India

Why Web Design India

Below are but 5 major reasons of hiring web development companies or web designers in India:

#1 Affordable Cost

The low cost of website development in India is perhaps the most important reason that most of the worldwide businesses prefer to outsource their website design projects to India.

If you are wondering how much does it cost to create a website in India, you will be surprised to know that:

  • A simple corporate website development cost in India starts from $600.
  • A basic e-commerce website creation cost in India starts from $1000.

So, if you need a corporate website or an e-commerce store but short on budget, hire a reliable & professional yet affordable website developer in India.

#2 Support

Website design companies in India are well known for their quick turnaround & prompt support.

If you are living in United States or United Kingdom and wondering how you will communicate with the Indian web developers or designers in order to develop your website successfully, here’s a good news for you.

Most of the website design companies in India provide support to their overseas clients according to their respective timezones. So, you don’t need to worry about support when hire an Indian developer. 

For example, at Innomax, we provide assistance to our customers according to their own timezones due to which they never feel that we are thousands of miles away from them.

#3 Experience

Majority of the web development companies in India have been providing website design services to their clients for more than a decade. 

We all know that the more experience a person or a company has, the higher will be the level of their quality & reliability. 

After developing & managing hundreds of web projects, these Indian companies can provide your with an assurance that they will take care of your project in a professional manner too.

At Innomax, we have been serving our clients since 2009.

Takeaway: Stay away from the companies who have recently started their business and are willing to lower down their costs ridiculously. Their quoted amount may entice you but eventually you may get nothing.  

#4 Diversified Talents

Most of the Indian website development agencies have skilled team of web developers & designers who can develop websites using different platforms mainly:

Not only this, but most of these companies also have expertise in mobile application development, enterprise solutions and online marketing. 

#5 SEO-ability

You will be glad to know that when you engage a professional web development agency in India, you get a search engine optimized or SEO-friendly website. 

Since most of the Indian website design firms provide SEO services too, all of their web designer & developers are trained for search engine optimisation.

We all know that search engines are the best mediums to get relevant traffic to any website. So, if you need an SEO-friendly website for your business, look nowhere and hire Indian website designers. 

6 Things To check before hiring Indian web design companies

Why Web Design India & 12 Things To Know About Web Development India

#1 Experience

Experience of any company matters a lot. An experience company can always provide you a high-quality product & service as compared to the non-experienced ones. 

Therefore, before you hire any Indian website design agency, do make sure that they do have an experience of at least 5 years. 

There are several benefits that come with hiring experienced website design team, mainly: 

  • You get assurance that your website will be completed on time
  • You get quality work at affordable price
  • You get professional support & after-sale services
  • You ensure that your money is not wasted in experimentation.
  • You ensure that you receive advice & suggestions from industry experts. 

#2 Testimonials

Before signing a website design contract with any agency, do take time to find out what their existing customers have to say about their quality, support and communication. 

You can’t simply trust a company based on their words. Asking about their quality & services from their past customers is perhaps the best way to know about any company.

There are a few ways in which you can check clients testimonials of your shortlisted website design firm, like:

  • Calling their existing or past clients.
  • Reading reviews about the company on their websites
  • Reading reviews about the company on search engines like Google.
  • Emailing their customers.

#3 Portfolio

Checking the portfolio of your shortlisted web development firm is perhaps the best way to ensure that your project will be completed satisfactorily. 

In other words, if your web developer has done great job for their other customers, they can do it for you too. 

It would be even better if you can request your website designer to share some of their previous works that are similar to yours. 

For instance, if you need an e-commerce website for your business, you must check the quality of some of the e-commerce websites that your developer has created for their other customers.

#4 Website Security

Security is vital for every website. Especially, if you are building an e-commerce website, security is even critical.

You must check with your website design agency:

  • Their plans to make your website secure.
  • How they will ensure that the important data is encrypted.
  • The platforms & technologies that they will use to build your website.
  • How they are going to manage the access permissions of important files.
  • Which website hosting services they recommend you.
  • Any additional steps they will be taking to secure your website.

#5 Warranty

A website is not a one time thing. It’s likely that you may face some issues & bugs even after making your website live.

What are the post-launch services of your website developer? Do they mention about their warranty clause in their website design contract?

You must check whether they provide their customers with the warranty services or not.

In our case, we always provide 3 months free warranty to all of our clients.

Within 3 months of the website launch, if our clients report any bug or issues which they didn’t notice earlier, we help them to fix those issues without charging them any additional money.

#6 Website Ownership

We’ve found in many cases that most of the business owners never care about the website ownership. They rely on their web designers so much that they ignore the importance of transferring all the ownership rights to them.

As a result, when their website developer or website design company is not available, they get stuck as they don’t possess any ownership details like control panel access, domain control access or website admin control.

Don’t let this happen to you. 

Before hiring any web developer for your website building, do make sure to ask them about the website ownership arrangements after the completion of your website development.

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6 Essential elements of a web design contract

#1 Scope of Work

A website design contract must have the scope of work mentioned in details or at least the reference to the enclosed scope.

#2 Obligations

What are the liabilities and obligations of your website design as well as yours? Your contract must have this mentioned clearly.

#3 Payment Terms

The total cost to build your website design project and the payment terms must be clearly stated in the contract.

#4 Termination

The total cost to build your website design project and the payment terms must be clearly stated in the contract.

#5 NDA

Do you need your web developer or website design company to keep your project information confidential? If yes, then it’s imperative for you to get a contract signed.

#6 Source Codes

After the website development, what will happen to source codes? How your web designer is going to handover the source codes to you and when? Everything must be mentioned inside the contract.

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